Should I pay on a first date with sugar momma?

You have toiled long and hard to land a sugar momma from free sugar momma dating online or from sugar momma dating sites. Congratulations, you have done a great job. Now moving on from sugar momma dating free, if you consider the real-life scenario of the two of you going out on a lunch or dinner date, here are some free sugar momma dating tips that may throw some light on the contentious issue of who should foot the bill for the first date with a sugar momma.

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Background story

We have taken a close look at things and also at research, including surveys that to tell the truth are quite a bit ambiguous when it comes to the issue of who should pay on the first date. Many say that the person who initiated the date should be the one who has to offer to pay because it was his/her choice of venue and everything. But in a world where gender roles are challenged on a daily basis, it is good to have a bit of tradition in things like first dates. Here are some reasons why we think that you as the man, should offer to pay on the first date,

It is a sexy gesture

Whether a sugar momma likes to admit it or not, she will be attracted to a person who can trigger her caveman thinking of acting as the “provider” in a time-honored manner. This is of help to you when she is making instinctive decisions rooted in primordial thinking.

It shows character

If you pay for that first dinner date with the sugar momma, it does not necessarily mean that you intend to carry out the same ritual when you meet another time. You should not harbor that expectation and neither should the sugar momma. It shows your date that you are generous enough and value the company and the good time spent together.

The sugar momma is not your friend

Face it, you are with the sugar momma with the definite mission of sticking it to her as and when the opportunity presents itself and nobody knows it better than her. She may be a richer person than you, but that does not always mean that she has to foot the bill on the first date, If you pay, it can also show the intent that you have something in mind for later, which is not a bad thing when you are with a naughty sugar momma.

It is not always about the money

When you’re footing the bill, it shows the sugar momma that you have had a good time with her and it sends out positive signals that will definitely help you later on as the relationship develops. She will tend to open up to you, literally.

Being the provider

Gender roles are blurring at a rapid pace, and you need to assert that you are the one wearing the pants in the relationship (even though you are going to drop them at the first chance!). It shows your sugar momma that you have the means and the manners to pay and it is a good old dose of chivalry up front.

She does not owe you anything

You really cannot expect to see your date spreading their legs at the end of the date, sugar momma or not. It is the first date and she will be as tasty as you are. All you are doing is to balance the scales a little in advance by footing the bill and there is no harm in that. You are not setting any expectations whatsoever, and if you are, it is up to the sugar momma to interpret it in her own ways.

You are shown as a gracious person

First dates are almost always awkward, and only a minute handful of couples would be able to say otherwise. There is already a yawning age gap between you and the sugar momma, and it will not hurt to show her that you are a grateful and gracious person when you pick up the check. She is likely to reward you in ways that only a sugar momma can.

Her turn will come

Just because you are paying for the first date does not mean that you are setting a pattern. Sugar mommas are very well off and they generally wear the pants in the relationship. You will be surprised to know that they keep toy boys like you on a retainer, and also shower them with expensive gifts when the mood visits them. And that is not to speak of the abundant sex you will be having with a vastly experienced woman. So go ahead, pick up the first bill; it may very well be the last one you need to pay in the relationship.