Free Style For Younger Men Dating Sugar Mama In USA

Cougar dating has been around for quite some time in the USA, but most don’t seem to know the rules of the game once they enter it. Dating sugar mama is where a rich and successful woman fosters a sexual relationship with a ma much younger to her in years, and keeps it discreet at the same time.

sexy sugar mama

Sugar mama dating is not new, but there have been certain changes in keeping up with the times. Younger men seeking sugar momma should register themselves on popular cougar dating apps that are readily available for free. The downside is that after a certain point, to get the most out of these services, you do have to pay subscription fees. After all, they’ll be doing most of the hard work for you, and match you up with some pretty luscious women over thirty five.

You should know there are two different kinds of cougars; the alphas and the betas. The intelligent and sophisticated ones who prowl around for prey are the alphas. And the betas are normally older women who need some company in order to feel good about them, sexual activity aside. I would suggest that you seek out an alpha cougar if it’s fun and excitement you desire.

When you approach a cougar with the intention of picking her up, keep in mind that this is a scene which is oft repeated with them, and they’re pretty good with rebuffs. So you do need to be pretty original as well as creative and funny when you are flirting with them. This will ensure that sparks fly right from the first meeting.

Please refrain from keeping them waiting when you have a pre-arranged date time, she will not appreciate the fact that you were hitting the bong with pals in place of being on time. They will rarely give you a second chance with that tight assed cougar you had set your lusty eyes upon. Even text messages, cancelling meetings at the last moment, are a major turn off for all cougars, as they look forward to a night of enjoyment, only to be left disappointed and with sex toys to play with at the end of the day. Do not expect them to get back to you. First impressions go a long way in paving the road for a great relationship.

Foreplay forms an important part in all kinds of sexual activities with cougars, they’re mature, and want a lead up to the climax, mutually beneficial for both parties I guess. Do not waste time with pointless messages about what they’re having for breakfast or their outfit for the night. They have heard plenty of that in high school and university. If you can make them come while they have a glass of wine in their hands, all the better.

Younger men seeking sugar mama should keep in mind that drama should be kept to a minimum or none at all preferably. If you come with no strings attached, it’s all the better for both parties. Also, you can sign up on top sugar mama dating sites here

How to be a Sugar Momma?

how to be a sugar momma

The women who are sugar mommas are generally in their late 30’s or early 40’s and tend to be rich or wealthy in their own right. They literally “buy” their sugar babies with sweet words, charm, and shower them with all the money in the world. But there are some basic rules to a successful relationship between a sugar momma and her sugar baby as there are to any other relationship. Here’s the inside guide on how to be a sugar momma:

Firstly, in the relationship, they have to assert your position and in this case it is the dominant one. The sugar momma is picking up the tab after all, so the sugar baby should be pretty clear about his position.  The sugar momma should clearly state the rules of the game and make sure her baby sticks to them. Some of these relationships can be of a romantic nature but in most cases it is sexual. Remember all those positions you thought of with your husband? Well, he didn’t do it and that’s why your sugar baby’s here. On the other hand, young men lust for older women who are much more experienced than them in bed and who could teach them a trick or two. So it turns out to be a mutually beneficial relationship for the couple.

The sugar momma should realise that her sugar baby also has a life of his own; he should not be fettered all the time to her. He also needs some time to unwind, and it’s perfectly ok if he hangs out with his buddies once in a while, proves he’s normal right? Apart from that, the sugar momma should realise that while she might have reached a plateau in her professional life, it’s just the start of the road for her young man.If she really has feelings about him then she’ll make sure that his career is not endangered because of her presence in his life.

A sugar momma should not be looking for a staid partner, in her heart she desires to go out and have as much fun as she can and this is achievable with fun loving cubs. They like to go out, drink, party and generally have a jolly good time while they are about it. So choose your man wisely. Life is all about living it up and it also helps if he fits into your kind of social circle.

Look and smell your best always. Remember that the relationship is a mutual one and if you don’t make yourself feel wanted, the cub will skulk for a while before stalking off for other game. It sounds a bit cruel, but it is a competitive world and it’s not just in business, it is applicable to society as well and females in particular. There’s plenty of competition out there and it is best to be prepared always.

Get ready to be flaunted; your cub will long to show you off to his friends as his latest catch. Don’t be surprised, this is the way it works, nothing is permanent in this world and you should appreciate the fact that he likes you to the extent of flaunting you. But make sure that he understands that you hold the reins in the relationship.

Do not spend too lavishly on him or you might end up high and dry. There have been far too many sugar mommas falling for sweet talking youngsters and it’s the oldest trick in the book. Allow your sugar baby a monthly allowance and the occasional treat but don’t go overboard because he will see it as your weakness and exploit it to his advantage.

Be open to different opinions when you are with a younger man. Sugar mommas often complain that they cannot understand their cubs. Take some time out to see what they have to say and if it’s a particular situation where you have a polar opinion, beg to disagree. You have every right to as you have seen more of the world than he has.

Try and be honest, particularly on the first date, as it will set the ball rolling in the right direction. If you put up a fake front then sooner or later your guard will slip and you’ll be sending out the wrong signals. It’s much better to have a realistic expectation and see if your date lives up to it.

Always come across as a confident and world-wise woman. After all, that’s what he’s been looking for. Spice things up between the sheets and keep experimenting while having sex. This not only will reinvigorate you but keep your sugar baby eating out of the palm of your hand. Sexual expectations are very high when it comes to cougar dating and sugar mommas should keep that in mind.