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Are you a young man looking to date a cougar? There is nothing strange about this feeling. Older women tend to be more confident and they know exactly what they want from a relationship. As they have lived longer, they have been heartbroken many times. As a result, older women dating process is more fun than you think. What is more, older ladies can hold conversations with younger men without feeling embarrassed. Unlike young girls, they can flirt and tease and move on with life as if nothing has happened. If they are in it for fun, it will end there. On the other hand, if they want you for keeps, they will treat you like a prince. Hence, cougar dating at olderwomendating.com is where you need to be right now. If you are sick of dealing with girls your age or younger, get a cougar today. She knows your needs better.

About Olderwomendating.com

This is a casual dating website for older women and young or old men. If you are a young cub who wants a cougar, you might want to begin your search here. The site claims to help young men and older men meet older ladies. Whether you want to be in it for a serious or short relationship, there might be some old ladies for you on olderwomendating.com. There could also be ladies interested in marriage or companionship. This is a Canadian cougar dating website.

Types of Memberships

Like other older women dating sites, this one has a free membership and a premium one. Read more below.

Free membership – You will be able to explore basic areas of the website for free. To enjoy more, you should upgrade your basic/free membership.
Gold membership – As a gold member, you will be able to do everything the site offers its members. The amount you need to pay is $29.95 per month. To buy your gold membership, go to ‘My Account’ page and click on ‘Upgrade Now’. Then follow simple instructions to buy your gold membership. Here is the breakdown of this membership.
$95.95 – This is a payment for 6 months. You will pay $15.95/month.
$59.95 – This is a payment for 3 months. You will pay $19.95/month.
$29.95 – This is a payment for one month.
As you can see, you are spending much less when you buy a longer gold membership.

Note: This website accepts all payments via these methods: credit card (Visa, MasterCard or American Express, MasterCard Check Card, Visa, PayPal, personal check or money order. All online payments are safe, according to the owners, as their servers are encrypted. If using a money order or personal check, you have to use the company’s postal address. This address is on the official website. It will take one to two weeks for them to receive your check or money order and upgrade your status. PayPal, credit card and check card payments renew automatically every month, if this is the membership you prefer. You need to notify the company about your decision to stop paying before the next renewal date.

Gold membership Features

Most features on the older women dating website are meant for premium members. Hence, the list below represents Gold membership features.
Start sending emails to members and wait for their responses.
Chat with everyone you please via an IM feature. As long as they respond you are good to go.
Send and receive winks
Upload photos and request photos from members using ‘share private photos’.
enjoy enough security settings on your profile page
View all your reverse matches
View compatible matches
Enjoy a lot of search options: Advanced, saved, state, province, zip code, postal code, keywords, city and other ways.

Free members features

The basic member cannot enjoy much unless he or she upgrades. The following are the few things they could do.

Winks – You can send winks for free. The person will receive a wink in their email address or webmail. Then they will wink back.
Sign up – It is free to create a new account.
Profile – Make a comprehensive profile for free. There is a questionnaire that highlights your interests and personality traits. Everyone is free to fill it.
Favorite list – Click My Favorites to view members you are attracted to.

How to attract new matches

The best way to increase your number of matches at olderwomendating.com is to upgrade and improve your profile. Ensure that you have a detailed profile that could attract other members. Attach photos because people like to see the face of the profile owner they are viewing. Furthermore, you can broaden your match criteria. For instance, you could change the height of the person you want to meet. Use instant messaging as much as possible. This is simply because people prefer to communicate directly rather that send emails and wait until you come online to respond.

What other people say about olderwomendating.com

There are people who think that the site is okay for those who want just any older female for dating or marriage. If you are conscious about physical appearance, there are a few who would not advise you to come here. According to them, the website has older ladies who are not attractive. The sorts of women who have let go of themselves and have grown so big. If you don’t mind them, then you should join the site. The site could do well to add a feature that tells members when a person was last online. Someone might have abandoned their profile a few months or years ago, but it is viewable. Chances that you will meet that person are very slim.

Final word

The website is good, but it is probably not the best for someone who is very serious about cougar dating. According to other users, cougars are fewer than cubs here. While you can still meet a woman of your dreams, you are going to have to be patient. Though there are positive experiences, most people do not rank oldwomendating.com very highly. So the choice as to whether you should join is totally yours.

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