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If you are looking for naughty dating sites, be careful as the internet is full of websites that are nothing but a scam. As my job is to review these sites, let me tell you that there are only a few websites that are truly hookup dating sites. Others are more or less after your money. They’d lure you with pictures of sexy models and a large number of people actually end up being fooled into purchasing a membership.One of the safest of naughty dating websites is Loveaholics. While I’d not go to the extent of saying that this website is free from fake profiles, the number of genuine ones are way too higher than the fake ones. Just like you, many other men and women too, join these websites in hope of finding a local partner for a casual hookup. With thousands of members joining this website on a monthly basis, you can easily understand that your chances of actually finding a partner on this site are very high.Apart from unlimited opportunities of finding partners for a naughty date, it does have quite a few useful features to further enhance your experience on this website. Let us have a look at this website in detail in this Loveaholics review.


Premium membership of Loveaholics is a little expensive. For a 1-month subscription, you are required to pay $45.98, 3-month subscription costs $96.99 and 6-months subscription costs $137.94. Moreover, you can also go for a 3-day trial by paying $5.97. As compared to most of the other naughty dating sites, membership to Loveaholics is little expensive but I’d rather pay more to talk to actual members than just paying a smaller amount to talk to fake members.


As mentioned above, this naughty dating site has quite a few features that can help you find genuine members and some others that are sure to fulfill your virtual fantasies. Let us have a look at those-

Search- This allows you to search for members based on their location, age, and other criteria.
Chat- There is a live chat feature where you can chat with online members.
Live Video Chat- You are required to pay for this service and it actually is worth every penny. By paying for live video chat, you’ll have sexy models stripping for you live from their bedrooms.
Mail- Members can send mails to other members. As soon as a free account is created, you’ll start receiving mails from other members looking for hookups and friendships. But you are required to buy a membership to view and reply the mails.
Winks- Winks is just like the Poke feature of Facebook. Don’t be shocked if you receive winks from multiple men or women after creating an account.
Activity- This is a handy feature which allows you to know who are currently online.
Favorites- You can add members to your favorites list and can view them by clicking on this button.

As mentioned above, while this naughty dating site is already filled with thousands of genuine members, the chances of finding a genuine partner are very high. And with the help of the features mentioned above, you are sure to have a blast on this website. Just stay away from profiles with model-type images and you’d do just fine.

Total Members

The website claims to have millions of members and by the looks of it, it surely appears that they are not wrong. Just create a free account and browse the website and you’ll see that the website is filled with members from several countries. And with local search and live chat options, you can actually find yourself an actual partner for a hookup.

Website Design and Safety

One of the things that actually impressed me about Loveaholics is its website design. Everything is pretty neat and works like magic. All the buttons are neatly lined up, the search feature is easy to use, and live chat is pretty convenient as well. So, overall the website design is far better than many of the other dating websites.

And as far as safety is concerned, the Terms and Conditions page mentions that the website will never share or sell any details of their members to 3rd parties. However, some of the members have mentioned in their reviews that they started receiving mails with advertisements from unknown sources after signing up on Loveaholics.


If you have any experience of using naughty dating sites then it shouldn’t be difficult for you to understand that Loveaholics is pretty different. You can find millions of genuine members on this website and by buying a membership, you can start talking to them and even take things further. If you are tired of searching for naughty dating sites that are genuine, try Loveaholics and you’ll never have to search for any other platform again.


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