What Is The Average Cost To Join A Sugar Momma Site?

If you are interested in sugar momma dating, you have to make inroads via a sugar momma site. There are many sugar momma sites and sugar momma dating sites where you can set up an account to get started. Now you have a free site and you also have paid sites. Let us take a look at the possibilities of each category;

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Free sugar momma sites

Under this umbrella, you will find a host of free websites and apps that promise to hook you up with a sugar momma if you put up a profile. You will need to know what ingredients go into creating a profile, and how to do it. Firstly, you would need to choose a username and a password.  The username is what other members of the site will see you as, and if anonymity is a big issue for you, you can breathe easy. The next step is in creating a profile picture and uploading it. A natural earthy picture is the best bet. And wear decent clothes. Over the top exposure is frowned upon. You would not want to see a naked picture of a woman as her profile picture, because your mind tells you that she is a slut. Remember that this works both ways, so be careful about what you wear and how you wear it. Next is the details section where you have to write a small bio about you and your likes and dislikes, and the kind of person you are. Once you complete the bio, your profile is more or less complete. You will then have the opportunity of searching through the profiles of other singles and sugar mommas on the website, and will also be able to initiate contact with them if they show interest in you. Remember that you are on a free app and there will be limited features on it. By and large, you will get a general picture of things but overall, the finer details will be sadly missing. This is when you will rue the fact that you are not on a paid app.

Benefits of a paid sugar momma site

A sugar momma site that has paying members is by all logical purposes, a more genuine place to hang out at. Because of the fact that the members of the site pay a certain amount of money as a subscription fee, you can be pretty sure that the members are authentic and they have the business (read pleasure) on their minds. The process of setting up a profile is more or less the same as a free site, but with a paid site, you get more features and as a result, your profile will be more detailed and eye-catching. The same goes for the profiles of the sugar mommas that you are hunting. Additionally, you will have a huge number of filters with the help of which you can search out specific sets of women. So if you want a toned, 5’8” tall, blonde, 45-year-old sugar momma with blue eyes, within five miles of where you live, all you need to do is to adjust the requisite filters and the advanced search options will do the rest of the hard work for you. You will get to see a list of profiles matching the description you provided, and you can pick up the game from there on. Paid sugar momma sites also have the facility of various different kinds of chat rooms, and here you can meet different kinds of women. Thus it pays, pun intended, to be a paying member of a sugar momma site.

The average cost of joining a sugar momma site

There is a huge range of paid sugar momma websites on the internet and they have different plans for paying members, ranging from $12 a month, to $25 or even $70 on the most elite websites. Higher prices mean more features like webcams, private chats and sex chats with the help of sex toys. If you were to ask me, the average cost, after going through a considerable number of websites, is around $40 a month. That should be affordable, given the facilities you are granted and the exclusive access you have to the most attractive profiles ever!

Concluding thoughts

You get what you pay for. If you want to hook up with a sugar momma who is rich, has time on her hands and is highly interested in having sex at all hours of the day, with the right man in the right environment, all you need to do is facilitate the process by being present on her search list when she hunts for cubs. And trust me, these paid sites really deliver, I can vouch for that, the notches on my hunting club keep increasing all the time when I am on paid websites.

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